Writing Wednesday #2: NaNoWriMo Day 8

Update time! So we’re on Day 8 of National Novel Writing Month and things have been okay for me.

I got off to a good start, meeting my goal every day. But starting on Monday I started slipping behind because of schoolwork and stuff.

And hopefully I’ll be able to recuperate, but sometimes the little things (a couple hundred words here and there) can snowball and turn into late night writing sessions because I’m 10k short.

So here’s to hoping that I will have time to get back on track and get ahead of the game this weekend. I think I’ll take tonight and Thursday off so I can let my creative juices regenerate, and then I’ll jump in full force over the weekend.


This is what my progress looks like so far. I did well, but then I fell behind on Day 6.

I actually have a Twitter thread dedicated to NaNoWriMo here if you’d like to see my progress!

My WIP is a light fantasy (more world-building and less magic) that is loosely based around Cinderella’s stepsisters. I’m loving it so far, just having trouble with one of the MC’s POVs.

I have two snippets of writing here for you, both concerning the most serious topic of raspberry scones, which seems to be one of the MC’s vices.

Unfortunately, I am still on word 10k-something of chapter one, but I skipped a couple thousand words to chapter three to write the second raspberry scone snippet a few days back.

I may or may not be craving scones right now.

That’s all the updates I have for this week, I’ll be back next Wednesday with more updates and hopefully positive progress!

much love, vicky


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