new pfp pink.pngVicky is a teenage voracious reader, aspiring writer, book blogger (and bookstagrammer!), and artist. (She also likes talking about herself in third person.)

Although she wears a lot of hats (not literally, of course–she gets bad cases of hat-hair), she’s passionate about everything she does.

She loves to write and is always ready to learn new things by constantly writing. Her mind is always filled with millions of story ideas, too many for her to ever be able to write them all.

She is an avid reader, making sure to read anything she can get her hands on—whether it’s the back of a cereal box or the pages of a history textbook. She’s struggles most with logging all her books on Goodreads.

She dabbles in graphic design in the formation of vector-imitation graphics. She’s always ready to experiment with new design programs and design types, and loves art, no matter what medium.

She is a blogger, always ready to write about her passions, whether it’s books she reviews or new design tips or fantasy world building. Blogging is where her passions come together to show the world who she is.


I’m trying to increase how often I post gradually. Here’s my current posting schedule:

MONDAY | Occasionally: Miscellaneous
TUESDAY | Book Recommendation
WEDNESDAY | Coming 2019: Writer Wednesday
THURSDAY | Miscellaneous/Book Review
FRIDAY | Occasionally: Miscellaneous
SATURDAY | Book Review
SUNDAY | Book Review

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