Exclusive Cover Reveal & INTL Giveaway: NOW & WHEN, a Romantic Dramedy from Sara Bennett Wealer

It really is that season–today, I am very excited to share with you an exclusive cover reveal for the 2020 dramedy, Now & When by Sara Bennett Wealer, as well as an international giveaway!

If you haven’t heard of it, Now & When is a romantic dramedy with a hate-to-love plot line, mysterious phone notifications, and changing the future (by changing the present? mind-boggling!)! It sounds fantastic and a bit romantic and totally engrossing, especially given the beautiful cover and very, very on point character expressions . . .

You’ll see what I mean when we get to the cover, hehe, but meanwhile, here’s the official summary for Now & When, out July 14th, 2020:

Skyler Finch hates Truman Alexander with every fiber of her being. So when her phone starts sending her notifications from the future, and it looks like she’s with Truman—as in romantically with himshe goes on a quest to fix it. But changing the future means messing up the present. And Skyler might just need Truman as an ally as she works to figure everything out. In this romantic dramedy, finding your way means accepting that life doesn’t come with a roadmap, and that people, like glitchy phones, are full of surprises.

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Eep! I know a lot of people love this romance dynamic (me included), and I’m so hyped for that time-based element?

That phrasing made it sound like my engineering class (which is a lot less pretty than this cover), but seriously, I love getting to wrap my head around how the past influences the future, and I’m really excited that this is part of this contemporary story!

(“And HATE-TO-LOVE,” she whisper-shouts.)

And now, for what Sara has to say about Now & When and it’s cover!

Photo Credit: Valerie Eidson

Now & When may look like a romantic dramedy with a fun premise, but to me it’s a symbol of the healing power of creativity. And it’s proof that good things can happen when someone believes in you.

Writing has always been a way to combat some of the mental health challenges that run in my family, and this book happened at a time when I truly needed it. While I was writing Now & When, my mom and dad died within two weeks of each other. 

Writing helped me keep my equilibrium as I planned funerals and settled estates. I sent the manuscript to my agent without many expectations since I was still in the fog of grief. And then we got word that Wendy Loggia at Delacorte wanted to publish it. But first it needed a major overhaul. 

Wendy and her team saw a “romantic comedy yearning to break free.” And looking at Now & When through their eyes, I could see the sadness weighing down nearly every page. Their notes and encouragement helped me find the story I really wanted to tell, while writing some fun and sunshine back into my life. 

And now it’s almost time to send Now & When out in the world, dressed up in this gorgeous cover by Ewelina Dymek and Ray Shappell. I’m so grateful for Wendy taking a chance on this book, for trusting me to do the revision and make it not just stronger but also a much-needed step in healing from such a profound loss. 

Now & When is dedicated to my parents, Tom Bennett and Gayle Graham Bennett. I hope you’ll pick up a copy and that you’ll feel the love that went into writing—and revising—it.

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Huge thank you to Sara for sharing part of her personal story & journey with Now & When with us. I’m looking forward to seeing the dedication in print when it comes out in July 2020!


Are you ready for the cover?

You’ve seen a bit of it here and there, but here is the full!

Senior Designer: Ray Shappell, rayshappell.com
Illustrator: Ewelina Dymek, ewelinadymek.com

Yeah, um. WHOA.

I’m a huge sucker for illustrated covers, and I absolutely love how coy these facial expressions are? It’s so sly and teasing, I love it and can’t wait to read more of the dynamic in the novel!

And the use of color?! The purple & orange is such a unique combination and it really pops, which makes me so excited to see the full jacket & naked hardback when the time comes. (Please be before July 2020. Please.)

If you’re excited for Now & When, here is your chance to win a signed ARC! Enter through the Rafflecopter button below, where one lucky winner will receive a signed ARC of Now & When, open internationally! (Ends 19 Nov 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.)

What do you think of the cover? How excited are you to read?

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Cover Reveal & INTL Giveaway: NOW & WHEN, a Romantic Dramedy from Sara Bennett Wealer

  1. The fact that this book deals with healing from such great loss underneath a fun premise, makes this a must read book for me.


  2. This looks and sounds SO CUTE! I’m so here for that cover — I also love the facial expressions. Considering she doesn’t like him, her expression is perfection! And he has such a sly smirk on his face that makes me want to know what is going to come out of his mouth next 😂I’d never heard of this one before but I’m really excited for it now! Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes so bring it, I say! 😍


  3. The cover is so eye-catching, and the story behind the book really pulls me in, that it came from such a place of sadness yet became a source of light.


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