Nyxia by Scott Reintgen


4 stars

Emmett has been offered the chance of a life time: join nine other recruits in a competition for one of the spots to travel down to a recently discovered planet.

But that’s not all Emmett’s signing up for. At this new planet, a new substance is discovered–one worth billions of dollars as it’s called the substance of the future to the few who know of it. At the planet he’ll end up encountering the native creatures there who protect this substance, known as Nyxia, and will end up learning how to harvest it from the planet.

With his mother sick, Emmett takes the contract from Babel to help his family and finds that the other contestants are as desperate as he is and the fight to the finish won’t be easy, especially when he begins to befriend some of the contestants.

There are secrets on Babel’s ship that the contestants don’t know of, and Emmet will have to work to keep his humanity with him during this cutthroat race.

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Nyxia was a really fun book to read. It’s fast paced, thrilling, and very edge of your seat. Primarily a plot-based novel, it revolves around the competition between the teens travelling and who will rise to the top.

There was so much sci-fi in this book it did get a little overwhelming for me at times. I think all the people were interesting characters and had good backstories, but I had a difficult time connecting with them overall.

If any of them died, I wouldn’t have really cared as I ended up reading this book more for the plot than anything else.

I still have so many questions about Babel Corp., about Nyxia, about the aliens on Eden. Hopefuflly all of these will be answered in future books.

Nevertheless, Nyxia was a very good first book.

We learn about Emmett, who is the only black teen in the competition, a fact that I didn’t expect and was pleasantly surprised to find out about. Emmett’s mother is sick and one of the biggest motivators for him doing this is to help his mother.

I think he’s an interesting character, and hopefully we’ll see more developments to him in future books.

The other characters were equally as diverse and had similarly rich backgrounds (rich as in interesting, not as in money).

Theye were a cool bunch and I didn’t mind seeing them interact. None really got on my nerves and some of the characters changed and developed along the way.

I think the highlight of this book would be its plot. With a fast pace littered with foreshadowing that I’m sure will become even more important in future books, it adds up to an idea that pulls the readers in.

Competitions are a popular type of novel (see Three Dark Crowns, The Hunger Games, etc.), and I think people who enjoy competition novels that develop into a grander scheme (see Mockingjay) will definitely like Nyxia.

Even with Reintgen’s skillful foreshadowing, I was almost completely blindsided from some of the plot twists. Afterwards, I realized everything added up, but I didn’t expect some things to happen, which made the novel all the more thrilling.

So although Nyxia wasn’t the most meaningful or relatable novels, I do think it is a fun exploration in space and in teenagers in a competition-like setting. Fans of The Hunger Games will definitely love this book!

much love, vicky

Have you read Nyxia? What did you think?




3 thoughts on “Nyxia by Scott Reintgen

  1. This book was one of my favorites of the year! So glad you enjoyed it 😀 I did agree that it was hard to connect with the characters and I think that’s because there was too many of them. Still, I think the author did a great job highlighting some of their personalities and I felt like Emmett was well fleshed out. Great review!

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