Review Policy

Update 25 January 2018: I am not currently accepting books to review. However, I will consider author interviews, guest posts, etc. for books I’ve already read/obtained an ARC/DRC for.

These are my requirements for novels to honestly review:

  • They must be young adult.
  • Genres I will consider are contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, action/adventure, drama, romance, historical fiction, LGBTQ+, and some non-fiction.
  • Genres I will not consider are erotica, spiritual, and horror (I’m sorry; I’m a complete wimp! Scary stories freak me out 🙈).
  • If your genre isn’t mentioned, feel free to request and specify what genre you believe your novel falls under. I’m always open to reading new things!

I prefer physical ARCs/novels, but will accept digital in certain cases. Your work is always protected & will never be shared after I read it.

I hold the right to deny a request to review a book if it doesn’t interest me. In doing so, I prevent biased negative reviews of books because I’m not interested in the genre.

All of my reviews are at least 500 words long, spoiler-free, and go over plot, pacing, character development, realness, prose, how well it keeps the reader’s attention, and anything else I find relevant as well as more personal preferences such as favorite characters, scenes, and if it moved me.

It’s uncommon, but my rating system both factors in my own experience as well as the book’s quality. I do not give ratings to DNFs, although I try to avoid DNFs as much as possible. On five star scales, I round up (which is why my averages are so high). How my rating system works:

  • 5 stars | I loved the book & I think it was executed near perfectly!
  • 4.5 stars | I loved the book but there were a few minor execution issues OR I think the execution was near perfect, but I only liked the book, not loved it.
  • 4 stars| I found some minor execution issues and I couldn’t connect very much with the book, but I still liked reading it.
  • 3.5 stars | I found a major issue with the book’s execution, but it was still a somewhat enjoyable read, or I didn’t love it, but I think it was executed very well.
  • 3 stars| I found a major issue with the book’s execution and didn’t enjoy reading parts of the book, or it was just OK.
  • 2.5 stars | There were multiple issues with the book, and I didn’t enjoy reading around half of it.
  • 2 stars| There were multiple issues with the book that prevented me from enjoying the novel to its fullest extent.
  • 0-1.5 stars | DNF or there was something very wrong with the novel

If I could not finish the work, I will provide a review stating why I couldn’t finish it based on the portion I read.  dividerTo request your book to be reviewed, please follow these instructions:

  • Contact me through email (, contact form, or private message on Twitter.
  • Include in your message:
    • the book title
    • author(s)
    • genre(s)
    • an extended summary
    • a reasonable deadline (I am a busy student. An average review will take 2-4 weeks depending on the novel length. Post date )
    • a possible post date for my review
    • the release date if it is an ARC (so I can post the review before the release)
    • anything else you’d like to tell me

Questions, comments, or concerns? Drop a comment below.


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