Cover Geek #10: In a Bottle

This week I wanted to bring light to some cover types that I find super interesting to look at.

Glass in general is a very diverse medium–physically you can do so much with it while also risking a lot in doing so. It’s fragile and temperamental. Seeing glass on YA covers is very interesting because it’s portrayed in many different ways.

To highlight the beauty of glass, I thought I’d shed the spotlight on four of my favorite covers with a scene inside of a piece of glass. Without further ado, here they are!

Image result for long may she reign book

Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas

I love the effect the artist made with the glass on this cover–it’s not just reflective, but you can see parts of the inside is peeling off in little patches. The five point perspective is gorgeous in the bulb of the glass flask and I think the curves of the glass were an artful choice.

The colors and everything on this cover give me the chills–the smoky purple-blue cover is absolutely stunning. I have no idea what this book is actually about, but I can’t wait to find out based on that gorgeous cover!

Image result for vitro book

Vitro by Jessica Khoury

You can definitely see the more sci-fi dystopian vibes from this cover with the test tube (I’m getting chemistry flashbacks!). I definitely like how the island is fitted into the test tube which is really cute, but I’m a little confused about the stuff in the test tube. If you look next to the ‘o,’ there’s kind of a break and the shading changes? I’m not really sure what’s going on over there, but the overall effect is very cool.

I also had no idea what this book was actually about, but I did a little research and found out that it’s the second book to Origin and about test tube embryos being grown on a secret island to create superior humans. So the cover seems very fitting!

Image result for passenger book

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I’ve definitely featured this cover more than a couple times, but it’s gorgeous (that typography!) and definitely a beautiful composition. The flipside “reflection-like” contrast between the ship and city inside the glass is a technique I like a lot because it helps convey the New York City time traveler idea that was prevalent.

I do find the reflection technique similar to that of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray because of how the MC is also a traveler (just a dimensional one, not a time traveler) and how the scifi and other dimensions are reflected on the top and bottom.

Image result for firstlife book

Firstlife by Gena Showalter

This is another reflection-esque cover that I think is really pretty. First off, who knew green was so gorgeous? I like the color blend and how green is used both as lush greenery and as poisonous gross stuff on top. The hourglass is so cool because it also give the hint of time. So although there’s no stunning typography, I think this is a really nice cover.

Side note: I checked this out from the library but had to return it 4 weeks later without getting a chance to read it. Lesson (still not) learned: don’t borrow 20 books at once.

much love, vicky

What do you think of these covers? Can you come up with any other image-in-a-glass covers?


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