The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin (ARC): Fresh, Exciting, and Unflinchingly a Big Mood™

5 stars

A clever contemporary YA retelling of Henry VIII and his wives (or, in this case, his high school girlfriends), The Dead Queens Club tells the story from the perspective of Annie Marck aka Cleves, a 17-year-old aspiring journalist who meets Henry at summer camp.

Beingn girlfriend number four is hard, and Cleves is the only girlfriend to come out of her relationship with Henry unscathed—but most breakups are messy, right? And sometimes tragic accidents happen…twice…

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I unfortunately do not get to use the 5 star flower graphic a lot, but I am SO EXCITED to say that I AM USING IT TODAY LOOK AT IT. What does this mean? The Dead Queens Club was freaking amazing, that’s what it means!!!

Severly underhyped but severly deserving of hype, please add it to goodreads RIGHT NOW before you even continue reading. Even if it’s on a shelf that’s called “wtf-is-this-premise-rofl.”

Did you do it? Great. High five for you.

But seriously, this book is amazing and it was LITERAL DEATH holding back from just marathoning the whole thing. (I ended up marathoning everything after page 100 sorry Becca.)

I mean, let’s just talk about this. Is it insanely awesome? Yes. Did I love it? Yes. Do you need to know more? No.

But since there’s a bunch of you who are probably doubting the validity of my screaming, let me elaborate.


I mean–CLEVES I LOVE YOU. I would give my left kidney to Cleves even if she didn’t need my left kidney.

She’s the Chinese (yes u heard that it is not popularly advertised but Cleves was adopted from China) heroine who is oh-so-chill and a very refreshing opposite to Stressed Me and Stressed Everyone I Know.

Not only is she chill and fresh (you will be hearing “fresh” a lot in this review) protagonist you want, but she’s also SO HILARIOUS.

And it’s not in a just-for-laughs way, it’s from a dry-humor-oh-my-god-this-girl-kills-me sort of way. AKA, Cleves is amazing.

Besides her awesome voice that is just *chef’s kiss*, she is just an awesome person in general??? I checked my DMs for the exact quote of what I said when I was on pg. 2, and it is “why is she so dryly relatable” and THIS is what this book is.

It’s like your cooler best friend who you just want to leech yourself to. Okay, maybe not in such a graphic blood-sucking way. In a good I LOVE YOU STAY WITH ME FOREVER way.

Even from page 1, you’ll discover how fresh and relatable this book is. I might not know anyone as cool and interesting yet simultaneously laid-back and not-stressed as Cleves, but I also found her genuinely relatable in the way that you know you’re never going to be that cool but you still try.

Because as chill as she is, she still ~thinks~ about her future and worries, she’s just a lot better at disguising it than the rest of us on-the-verge-of-a-meltdown common people.

But yeah. In short, Cleves is an amazing protagonist with an amazing voice.


This is piggybacking off of the last section, but even though Cleves is chill and laid-back, she’s passionate about what matters (vs. stuff that would stress me out. i am passionate about stress.) and she unflinchingly sticks by her girl friends and defends them and I love that about her.

I know sometimes ~character growth~ would mean her evolving to that point, but honestly? That’s not what this book is about and I wouldn’t change that. I LOVE how Cleves is supportive and “woke” (or, almost woke, except for matters of the Henry–which is where most of her own growth ARC comes in) from the start and it made The Dead Queens Club a really refreshing read as I didn’t have to sit through BS.

I could just read the smackdowns Cleves gave out that people deserved. (Mostly.)


Okay, so this book starts off fairly innocent–Henry, Cleves, backstory, friends forever! But then it gets seriously spicy.

Like, someone dumped 5 ghost peppers in the soup spicy.

I mean, NO SPOILERS but the drama is intense and deadly (this is why it is called The Dead Queens Club do not be deceived by the innocent cover PEOPLE DIE OKAY). It’s sooo spicy and I was left guessing until the very end.

So even though it doesn’t *look* like a mystery–oh, it so is. I guessed literally every character under the sun. Hannah is SO GREAT at instilling doubt in our minds and I just cry why was this so good.

Also I should have guessed it BUT I DIDN’T BECAUSE HANNAH WAS DOING HER JOB RIGHT. The twists are top notch and I just WOW. That ending scene was soooo tense and I nearly screamed (in shock, not fear) at [redacted].

So yes. If you think this will be dull, IT IS NOT. It is so spicy and entertaining and I 100% wish you to read it.


Okay, I am tired and it is late but I SWEAR THIS IS A GOOD THING.

I admit that I know nothing about Henry VIII. I did not take European history–

ASIDE: Honestly, this is probably why I didn’t guess the ending? But I assume if you *know* the tale, you’ll be able to draw connections and that’s just as exciting as guessing the twists.

–but I know that in short, Henry = bad, wives = poor souls. Yet, with The Dead Queens Club, Capin empowers the queens (YES YOU GO GLEN COCO) and also just puts a nicely modern twist on it.

I mean, who expected old-timey English history to be as spicy as high school drama? There is NOTHING in the world spicier than high school drama, but aparently the Tudors come close.

So it’s inventive and FRESH and still modern and applicable and not stuffy old dead white guys telling everyone else what to do. Yay!



I mentioned how I marathoned the last 300 pages, and it is true. I had such a blast and totally didn’t realize I was wasting away my homework time BUT WHO CARES?

It’s senior year, y’all. I have a negative motivation level. But yes! This book is awesome and really entertaining and the drama keeps things spicy and the voice keeps you hooked so you should 100% pick it up please please please do it for me.

Also, confession time: I wanted to read this over The Wicked King but buddy read prevented me. Know though, that this was my first choice and I would have picked this over The Wicked King any day #sorrynotsorry.

In the end, PLEASE READ THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB it is one of my favorite reads of the year and I want to scream about it with everyone!!!

Thank you so much to Hannah Capin for sending this ARC to me in exchange for an honest review! TBH I did not expect to like this so much.

Please tell me you’re excited for The Dead Queens Club now.

39 thoughts on “The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin (ARC): Fresh, Exciting, and Unflinchingly a Big Mood™


      just bump this up I loved it so much it’s 100% going on my end of the year underrated books list


    1. omg yes I am so happy I have convinced you of some of the numerous merits of this book!!! I hope you love reading <3333


  1. Well YES Vicky you certainly made me excited about this book now, thank you very much haha. This protagonist sounds SO interesting and I’m so curious to read it and to get to know her, too. Wonderful review! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg thank you!!! I can’t actually take credit for it, but yay I am so glad you are now looking into this I love THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB so much ahhhh

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, but wow, it sounds amazing! How is it not hyped!? I love retellings, especially when it’s a contemporary twists on a real life historical figure, so this is right up my alley. Also, the drama mixed with mystery sounds so fun somehow, even though I usually RUN from drama haha. Great review!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IT IS AWESOME OMG I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!!!! It’s like good drama. Take down the patriarchy drama. not bad drama :)))


  3. *quickly adds to Goodreads and goes to request on Edelweiss* Ahhh this book sounds so amazing Vicky! I don’t know too much about European history, but I do remember that Henry VIII was well known for his six wives (I remember there being a really catchy rhyme for it “Divorced, Beheaded, Died. Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” Morbid, I know), but I’m super interested in reading how Hannah spins it into a retelling 🙂 Also, MC IS CHINESE?? ❤ I'm so excited for all the twists and especially all the supportive girl friend smackdowns. 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG IT IS AWESOME (it comes out in like 2 weeks though ahah) and omg I didn’t know much about him but it is FUN

      it’s very low key but she’s adopted and so is her sister. I get that they didn’t make a big deal out of it though (white author etc.) but I did like knowing that Hannah was sort of throwing that casual diversity in when it would be out of her lane to write uncasual diversity!



  4. Your gushing made me really sad I didn’t enjoy this book! tbh you were saying everything I was feeling until halfway through, so I still related to a lot of your feels. But the Osama bin Laden joke and anti-feminist comments from Cleves (like, she says she’s a feminist but actually does a lot of things that a feminist really shouldn’t?) just kind of threw me off.

    For me, kind of sadness because you are so so right: the ending. Was amazing. And I doubted everything in my head. I’m just still so confused on this book because my head and heart felt such different things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh, it’s totally valid not to like it! I don’t remember an osama bin laden joke, but I will check back when my friend returns my copy! and sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to, but please don’t feel bad about it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I know, but you reminded me of everything I did enjoy! It’s hard when there are good and bad things in a book that just put you at war with yourself.

        I have the quote in my review: “But I don’t care, because the only thing I need right now is to forget about Ms. Parr and Judas Rochford and Anna bin Laden and every Lancaster kid.”

        Liked by 1 person

  5. WHY HAD I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS BEFORE?! This sounds so cool and interesting and I need it?? Henry VIII was covered a little in secondary school, but I don’t remember that much to be honest. Still, a retelling that empowers the queens?? *grabby hands* Definitely adding this to my tbr!

    Liked by 1 person

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