#1KBE A Thousand Beginnings and Endings Reading Challenge Sign-Up

I always love participating in Aetnee @ Read at Midnight‘s reading challenges, and #1KBE is no exception.

Centered around the upcoming A Thousand Beginnings and Endings anthology, edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman and featuring multiple East, South, and Southeast Asian authors retelling myths from their cultures, this reading challenge challenges you to read more fiction from the featured authors.

The goal is to read a piece of fiction from four of the authors in a row on the bingo board, in any direction. The challenge runs from Sunday, June 10th (that’s tomorrow!) to Sunday, July 1st in your timezone (for me, it’s EST). You can sign up here!

Here’s the bingo board, which I’ll cross items off as I go, as well as what I’m hoping to read during the challenge! The ones I’ve completed, I’ll mark off in teal.

a thousand beginnings and endings board.png

Cindy Pon: Want

Shveta Thakrar:

Melissa de la Cruz: Love & War

Renee Ahdieh: Smoke in the Sun

Rahul Kanakia: Enter Title Here

Elsie Chapman: Along the Indigo

Preeti Chhibber:

Julie Kagawa: Shadow of the Fox

Sona Charaipotra: Tiny Pretty Things

Alyssa Wong:

Ellen Oh: Prophecy

Aliette de Bodard: The House of Shattered Wings

Roshani Chokshi: Crown of Wishes

E. C. Meyers: Silence of Six

Lori M. Lee: Gates of Thread and Stone

Aisha Saeed: Written in the Stars

much love, vicky

Have you participated in a reading challenge before? Do you think you’re going to join this one?


2 thoughts on “#1KBE A Thousand Beginnings and Endings Reading Challenge Sign-Up

  1. Good luck with your challenge! A Thousands Beginnings and Endings sounds so good. Love & War didn’t have much of a plot, but I did enjoy reading it! I’m also so excited to read Smoke in the Sun! Shadow of the Fox sounds so interesting and I’m looking forward to picking that up too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! I’m not a big fan of Cruz’s work in general (it feels to commercial to me) but I read book 1 so I might as well read book 2! and yes, I’m so excited to pick up both!


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