Reading Updates! What Have I Been Up To?

Hey y'all! This is a very impromptu post, but my posting schedule has been out of sorts as I transition into ~college life~. It's been very busy and all sorts of unique stresses, but overall I'm having a really good time. I have really good friends, a beautiful campus, and classes I'm excited about, which … Continue reading Reading Updates! What Have I Been Up To?

March 2018 Wrap-Up

Today, April 26th, 2018, you may be thinking that this wrap-up should be an April Wrap-Up because we are so close to the month being finished. Well, I'm not-so-proud to tell you that it took me 26 days to muster up the courage to finish my March Wrap-Up, but hopefully the April Wrap-Up will come … Continue reading March 2018 Wrap-Up