Challenging Myself in December

This month, (thanks to Cal @ Constant Raving Reviews) I'm aiming to read 31 books! To help me achieve this goal, I thought I'd participate (but not really participate) in a couple of reading challenges. I'm not feeling the competitive spirit with the holiday spirit, so I'll be casually doing two reading challenges this month--without … Continue reading Challenging Myself in December

#TheReadingQuest hosted by ReadAtMidnight

Okay, so I've never done this before but I found ReadAtMidnight's profile on Twitter & checked out the blog which has this really cool writing challenge to tackle your TBR so I might as well try and participate, yes? #TheReadingQuest takes place Sunday, August 13th to Sunday, September 10th. It’s based on The Quest Board … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest hosted by ReadAtMidnight