Challenging Myself in December

This month, (thanks to Cal @ Constant Raving Reviews) I'm aiming to read 31 books! To help me achieve this goal, I thought I'd participate (but not really participate) in a couple of reading challenges. I'm not feeling the competitive spirit with the holiday spirit, so I'll be casually doing two reading challenges this month--without … Continue reading Challenging Myself in December

Guess the Book #1: MS Paint Edition

So I thought I'd do a fun blog post today which is my first Guess the Book! In this post, I'll be displaying some of my lovely five minute drawings using Microsoft Paint and you'll try to guess which YA book it is! All you have to do is fill out the little form at the … Continue reading Guess the Book #1: MS Paint Edition

The House Cup Reading Challenge #HouseCupReadingChallenge

I think by now we've all established how much of a sucker I am for reading challenges. Which is why I've chosen to dedicate myself to another month of a reading challenge (though this one won't be nearly as time-consuming as #TheReadingQuest). Kelsey from Kelsey's Cluttered Bookshelf, Alex of Book Daisy Reviews, Lauren of Live, … Continue reading The House Cup Reading Challenge #HouseCupReadingChallenge