Cover Geek #14: Delightful Motifs

A popular cover style that I'm definitely seeing a lot more of are border-like motifs on a cover. Whether it's made of vines, swirls, flowers, or jutting spikes, these decorations on covers help turn it from "meh" to "yes!" So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite covers with these gorgeous motifs on … Continue reading Cover Geek #14: Delightful Motifs

Cover Geek #13: Popular Spine Colors

It's hard to get a rainbow shelf. There's not just the saturation problem stopping you from deciding where to put that neon book or that really really light pink, but also a significant lack of covers in certain colors. It's obvious that some colors are just more often used than others. So, today I'll be … Continue reading Cover Geek #13: Popular Spine Colors