Looking for a Diverse Book Box? A marginsbox Unboxing + Review!

Hi y’all! Today I’m so excited to feature one of my favorite bookish small businesses: marginsbox!

I’ve known about marginsbox for a while now since they did a Kickstarter to kick off the business a few months ago. And May was their first month of boxes, so I’m really excited to be able to feature June’s box on my blog today!

What makes marginsbox so unique is that it’s a box curated by, including books by, and with swag from BIPOC authors and creators. (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)

So, if you’ve ever been fed up with book boxes featuring the same fandoms over an over again, with undiverse books continuing to arrive in the mail, wait no longer! Because this is a box by and including items from BIPOC creators, and it’s honestly so amazing and groundbreaking.

marginsbox was kind enough to send me their June box for an honest review, and I hope that one day I’ll have the funds to subscribe to their service! Let’s take a peek inside, eh?

Also, I took the time to summarize each image in the captions. You don’t need to read them, but I’m trying to make my blog more accessible, so let me know if there’s anything you think I can do!

A photo of the front of the marginsbox box.

I was totally waiting for this to arrive in the post (me? frantically checking the mail? well uh) and I was so excited to see the box arrive! Their logo is so cute, and that little chick brings me so much joy, ahhh!

A photo of two sides of the marginsbox box, one reading “What I did understand was the pleasure that good stories offer and the power of books to introduce me to lives and experiences beyond my own. – Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop” and the other reading “read inside the margins.”

The sides of the box have things printed on them too, which was super cute! I always recycle my boxes just because I don’t know what to do with them, but I definitely took some pictures of the printings to save the experience!

Now let’s dive inside!

An photo of the marginsbox artprint: a warm red/orange/yellow color scheme with a man taking a picture of a woman, standing on a balcony.

The first thing that came out was this gorgeous art print by artist-in-residence, Sharon! She does art for marginsbox each month, and it’s always so beautiful!

I wonder what book it is . . .

(I’m so honored to finally own a piece of her work because Sharon is my friend and I love her so much and AHHHHHH)

Find Sharon & her art on Behance, Instagram, and Twitter! Seriously, her art brings me so much joy so please check her out!

A photo of a marginsbox vinyl sticker reading “read inside the margins. marginsbox” and showing a chick reading.

Next came the classic marginsbox vinyl sticker! I’m not sure where I want to put it yet, but I’m definitely considering sticking it on my water bottle! Or maybe on my bullet journal.

A photo of rimless sunglasses in a warm brown color.

These are super cute and I feel kind of guilty that I have to give them away, because I would have loved wearing them!

(I only wear glasses, not contacts, so if I wanted to wear them, I’d have to go with really bad vision ahahah)

But they’ll make a lovely gift and I absolutely adore how they don’t have rims! Very classy, honestly, and was not expecting something so fancy right off the get-go!

A photo of two asian snacks: a purple sugar coated grape jelly and three round green onion thin crackers.

Okay, I actually forgot to take a picture of the third candy (it’s smol, red, and I don’t know the flavor yet!) but in the box was also an assortment of Asian snacks!

Wow I love being fed.

When I showed my mom these, she immediately tried to steal the Green Onion Crackers hahaha! (I said no, but I’d let her have a bite LOL.)

There are so many good Asian snacks and this was a good pick! These swag items make me feel like there’s a specific book in mind . . .

A photo of an art print of a Louisa May Alcott quote (“I like good strong words that mean something”) whose typography was printed in a silhouette of a dress with a full skirt.

This is so pretty, and although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, I love the typography that PaperandSimple did and how everything is so nicely fitting!

You can find PaperandSimple’s shop on Etsy here! They have a lot of other gorgeous typography and prints on there!

A photo of Ann Sun’s enamel pin which shows a hand with the thumb and forefinger crossed in a small heart shape.

This was something I was highly anticipating because I saw the teaser for Ann’s pins on Twitter, and was steadfastly watching out to see which pin would come!

And ahhh this is adorable. I did some research, but the specific hand position is highly used in Korea by people as crossing the thumb and forefinger makes a small heart (with the thumb and forefinger tips being the curved tops of the heart).

It’s a gesture used a lot, especially by people like k-pop stars (hmm…is this a book hint?!) and this soft enamel pin is super cute!

It already has a home on my bag, and maybe it’s a sign that I need to start listening to some k-pop, maybe?

Ann Sun is the artist, and she different designs of this pin position (and other pins!) too, so you can find her and her pins on her Etsy Shop and Instagram!

A photo of a sheet of stickers with illustrated snacks commonly found in Hong Kong: sausage roll, pineapple bun, egg tart, hk milk tea, bbq pork rice, cocktail bun, beef brisket noodles, shumai, egg waffle, fried 3 treasures, mango dessert, traditional milk pudding, red bean dessert, fish balls.


Most of you probably don’t know, but I love stickers. I hoard them like I have nothing better to do (which…I kind of don’t). I love puffy ones, translucent ones with beads inside, flat ones, literally any stickers I can get my hands on, I hoard.

Me putting a sticker on something for you is a Big Deal because I always take a lot of care choosing just the right sticker for a person & to share, and seeing a sheet of these makes me so excited. I already know a couple people I want to use them on, and it makes me so happy!

(These are just! So perfect!) The illustrations are gorgeous and they have some of my favorite foods on them. I wish I had ten sheets of this.

Tin Yan has some gorgeous art and you can find her on her Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy Shop!

A photo of the marginsbox book of the month: Maurene Goo’s Somewhere Only We Know.

And wow! We’re at the book–and the box totally set this up perfectly!

The June book pick is Maurene Goo’s Somewhere Only We Know which is such an adorable romcom! I’ve actually been fortunate enough to already get a chance to read (and I bought my own copy) so I’ll probably give one of them away, but AHH.

This is such a great and underrated book pick because Maurene Goo writes some of the best romcoms. Think fluffy, cute, well-rounded, and all with #OwnVoices Korean characters!

I really enjoyed reading Somewhere Only We Know (I reviewed it here!) and although it wasn’t my top Maurene Goo work, it was still one I really enjoyed!

A photo of the full June marginsbox with all the items as described above.

I do want to take a little moment and talk about pricing! I think it’s always super unrealistic to do one of these without talking about affordability etc.

The boxes are 35 USD a month, with some dipping to the 34 USD range if you pick a plan! Shipping in the US is about 9 USD, and more expensive internationally.

So, it’s pretty average book box cost (think slightly more expensive than Owlcrate pricing, but nowhere near Illumicrate or Fairyloot) and for such a large box, I think this is a pretty good value!

I totally get that book boxes in general aren’t super affordable. For me, if I ever decided to subscribe to a box, this would probably end up being my choice. I love that it’s a BIPOC box and this is something I’d love to support monetarily. (Advocate with your money, not just your words!)

Another photo of the full unboxing.

In the end, I’m really satisfied with this! There’s a few things I didn’t get photos of–like a drawstring bag around the book that’s large enough for your biggest book, and a letter from Maurene–but this was such a wholesome box, and I feel like its’ reasonably priced for $35+shipping.

I’d have to say my favorite piece–contrary to what I was expecting (the enamel pin!)–is actually the stickers. I’m a sucker for stickers, and the illustrations are just SO CUTE.

My least favorite piece would probably be the Alcott art print just because I don’t know what I’ll do with it. But it’s still gorgeous.

Overall though, this was so satisfying and I absolutely love the dedication to BIPOC creators in this. I really hope this box gets more hype because they’ve brought some really amazing things this month! I’m excited to see what’s in future months’ boxes!

marginsbox might just be my new favorite!

You can find more about marginsbox on their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

The marginsbox logo.

Have you heard of marginsbox? What book boxes do you subscribe to?

Once again, thank you to marginsbox for sending me their box to honestly review! All thoughts are my own ❤

13 thoughts on “Looking for a Diverse Book Box? A marginsbox Unboxing + Review!

  1. This is such a fantastic box! I just read Somewhere Only We Know last week and those stickers perfectly fit the story (and are just so so adorable!!!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This book box looks so cute and amazing! I definitely like the BIPOC add becuase so many times I see unhauls of popular book boxes and (I’m *trying* to not throw shade at them) time and time again it’s just merch of popular books? And what if you don’t like that book series, or don’t have plans to read it?
    All in all I’m glad you enjoyed the box! That art is really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!!! it’s so cute and yes omg I love the focus on BIPOC books AND creators of the box. and thank you!!! Sharon is so talented wow

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY! I love seeing marginsbox things online. I got their first box, and I interviewed Cara and Adrianne for a blog post, and I loved their stuff. Unfortunately, with international shipping, I can’t really justify subscribing, but I am saving up to get another box later this year!

    I am so glad you liked the box!


  4. i miss book boxes so much ohmygod but i no longer have the funds i had two years ago and i must budget but there will DEFINITELY be a month i will treat myself with one box ;-;


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