Bookish Acronyms 101: A Book Community Beginner’s Guide to the Lingo!

Sometimes when I talk on Twitter (or even this blog!) I get questions about the abbreviations I use, so I thought I’d make this list to help newbie bloggers & book community members get acquainted with some of the terminology!

It’d be a total pain typing out the words “Young Adult” every time I write YA, and so I hope this list becomes a resource! If I remember any more acronyms, I’ll make sure to update this list with them.

Also, if you think I’m missing anything let me know! I’d love to add it on so this list is more comprehensive.

I really hope this is helpful, and totally do not hesitate to ask if you’re confused about an acronym’s definition! I’m here to help!

NOTE: When talking in the book community, sometimes people use intentionally vague abbreviations (i.e. MM could be Marissa Meyer or Maura Milan or Morgan Matson) when talking about things they don’t want getting attention. For these, you’re just gonna have to ask or accept that you don’t know what they’re talking about.


ARC – Advance Reader’s Copy or some variation of this (see also ARE)
ARE – Advance Reader’s Edition (see also ARC) (this is used a lot less frequently)


B&N or BN – Barnes and Noble
BAM – Books A Million
BD – Book Depository
BEA – Book Expo America
BFT – Books for Trade (typically a hashtag, but sometimes people want to be a little more discreet if criticizing the tag)
BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (see also POC & WOC)
BST – Buy Sell Trade


CP – Critique Partner
CR – Currently Reading
CW – Content Warning (see also TW)


DISO – Desperately In Search Of (see also ISO)
DM – Direct Message (see also PM)
DNF – Did Not Finish
DRC – Digital Review Copy (see also eARC)


eARC – e-Advance Reader’s Copy (like an eBook) (see also DRC)
EW – Edelweiss (a site one can obtain eARCs from) or Entertainment Weekly (the media outlet)


FC – Finished Copy
ff – Follow Friday (often used with a hashtag in front)
FRTC – Full Review to Come (see also RTC)


GR – Goodreads


HEA – Happily Ever After (commonly used in romance, see also HFN)
HFN – Happily For Now (commonly used in romance, see also HEA)
HC – Hardcover
HP – Harry Potter


ICYMI – In Case You Missed It
IG – Instagram
ISO – In Search Of (see also DISO)


JKR – J.K. Rowling


MC – Main Character
MG – Middle Grade


NA – New Adult
NG – Netgalley


OV – #OwnVoices


PB – Paperback
PM – Personal Message (see also DM)
PO – Post Office
POC – Person of Color (see also WOC & BIPOC)
PR – Public Relations (aka publicity)


rr – Reread (often used with a hashtag in front)
RTC – Review to Come (see also FRTC)


SJM – Sarah J Maas


TBR – To Be Read
TW – Trigger Warning (see also CW)


WL – Wishlist (typically in reference to #booksfortrade or #bookishwish)
WOC – Woman of Color (see also POC & BIPOC)
WP – WordPress (may also be used for Wattpad)


YA – Young Adult
YALC – Young Adult Literature Convention (in the UK)
YARC – Year of the Asian Reading Challenge (which I co-host! find out more here!)
YT – YouTube

What acronyms am I missing from this list? I hope this helped!

20 thoughts on “Bookish Acronyms 101: A Book Community Beginner’s Guide to the Lingo!

  1. Love this idea! What about:

    HC = Hardcover
    MC = main character
    ig = instagram (don’t know if this counts because it’s used everywhere. not just in the book community)
    RTC = Review to come (also, frtc = full review to come)
    BEA = Book Expo America (or Just “BE” = book expo)
    poc = person of color
    woc = woman of color
    NG = NetGalley
    PR = publicity/public relations
    pm = private message
    dm = direct message

    that’s all i can think of right now!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Vicky this is great! i didn’t realise people used ‘rr’ for reread but I might start using that. Are you thinking of adding country-specific acronyms and initialisms? If so, you could maybe add in BEA for Book Expo America and YALC for Young Adult Literature Convention (in the UK). 😀 Fab post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! and yes–I see it rarely but it’s a thing! and oooh yes, thank you Kate! those are great!


  3. Great list! I usually go to google to figure out some of these but great that you put them in a list. I would add HFN – Happily For Now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oooh yes! i was trying to remember that one and for some reason kept thinking it was Happily for never LMAO


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