Currently on Wattpad: Handpicked Reads by Vicky

Today I’d love to take time to feature some awesome reads from Wattpad!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on the site for a number of reasons, but I still have some old and new favorites that I love returning to. They’re works that I ended up following for years, or new reads that I found recently.

So without further ado, let’s start!

Fraternizing with the Enemy by Gabby (@hyrule)

This is one of my all time faves.

I love how fun and light and very high school it feels–yet it still is measured and whip smart and not too manic-pixie dream girl. Combining a super fun premise with awesome characters and swoony love interests, Fraternizing with the Enemy is just one of my always-faves!

Find it on Wattpad here!

Hope by Nicole Powell (@miss_nic_ole)

This is a new read I’ve discovered and I’m definitely excited to see where Nicole takes this!

There’s only five chapters up so far, but it has so much potential I can’t help but be excited! I think accidents can create really interesting premises (@ me) and this is something that just sounds super interesting.

Find it on Wattpad here! And find Nicole on Instagram here!

Once Upon a One Night Stand by Simone Shirazi (@simonesaidwhat)

Another all time fave, I think Simone is so great at giving us diverse rep on a very very white platform, as well as really exploring complex relationships and when you might not actually want a HEA for the characters–because the H part might not apply.

The complex relationships in Once Upon a One Night Stand are amazing and I definitely recommend!

Find it on Wattpad here!

Storm and Silence by Rob Thier (@robthier)

This is almost a cult classic on Wattpad, and it’s what made me start to love historical fiction!

It’s nothing like those stuffy stories you think of, but rather it mixes humor, endearing characters, and a bunch of interesting historical facts. Rob Thier has managed to gain a huge following based on the popularity of this series, and I can definitely see why!

Find it on Wattpad here!

much love, vicky

Have you ever read anything on Wattpad? What are your favorites?

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