If You Liked… #8: September 2018 Edition

Today is the last recommendation post of the month (recommendations now on Tuesdays!), and you know what that means:

Personalized book recs based on books you know and love!

From diverse romantic contemporaries to science fiction action to murderous monsters and genre-bending stories, this month’s recommendations (based on my very favorite reads of this month) will be sure to find you a new book to love, based on your past favorites!

Today’s post also only features books I’ve read, so every single book on this list has been read & loved by me (they’re all also 4+ stars, so if that’s not a stellar recommendation, then I don’t know what is!)

Without further ado, here are this month’s personalized book recs! You’ll find the Goodreads links in the title, reviews linked in at the end & these recommendations work both ways!

If you liked To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you’ll love Pride!

Did you love the diverse rom com of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? Are you looking for more books like it?

Then I wholeheartedly recommend you pick up Pride, a #PrideRemix by Ibi Zoboi! Not only is this a rare black joy novel featuring an Afro-Latino main character and a black love interest, but it’s also a Pride and Prejudice retelling, making it sure to be an enjoyable read.

Contrary to what racist Wall Street Journal Reviewers might say (I’ll spill the tea in the comments if you wish), this is a wonderfully crafted novel of not only love + romance, but also family and friendship and sticking to your roots as you grow.

I definitely suggest you pick Pride up, even if you don’t love the genre, because this book deserves all the love & support!

If you liked The Diabolic, then you’ll love Ignite the Stars!

Not only do both of these books feature really awesome badass female murderesses as protagonists, but they’re also both just super action-packed and engaging reads that you won’t want to set down!

Obviously killing people doesn’t necessarily equate a strong female protagonists, but there are more strong females in this novel besides Ia (who does more than just kill people and has a set of morals). Brinn, my personal favorite, struggles with accepting her heritage in a time when her race is discriminated against in the place she lives.

It’s starkly real to the world today and what so many POC children like myself had to go through in wishing you weren’t part of your culture. Brinn’s acceptance of herself and her culture was definitely my favorite part of Ignite the Stars, and honestly what I believe sets this apart from The Diabolic.

Both are super awesome space operas that are full of twists and turns, but I definitely suggest picking up Ignite the Stars, because there’s so much more to it than just murderous main characters.

Read my reviews of The Diabolic and Ignite the Stars here and here, respectively.

If you liked This Savage Song, then you’ll love Not Even Bones!

Are you someone who doesn’t mind the dark and twisted and somewhat immoral?

Well, you might want to pick up either of these books if you’re looking for an urban fantasy chock-full of monsters and mayhem!

Not only are there protagonists with questionable morals (dissecting monsters for the black market…fun), but there’s also a whole bunch of gritty fantasy darkness that makes each of these such enjoyable and darkly atmospheric reads!

If you love the atmosphere of either of these books, I definitely recommend the other because this is one of the most accurate comp titles ever! They’re both filled with not-so-great people, but that’s what makes these books so interesting.

Read my review of Not Even Bones here!

If you liked When Light Left Us, then you’ll love A Room Away From the Wolves!

When Light Left Us is one of my favorite reads from this year so far, and for a reason other than similarly purple covers, A Room Away From the Wolves reminded me of this book.

Both are extremely poetic in the way that they read–they’re not only a little mysterious and a little magical, but there’s also an underlying theme that makes each of these novels so poignant.

When Light Left Us deals with a mysterious invader who’s controlling a group of siblings, and A Room Away From the Wolves deals with the mysteries of a boarding home for girls and the dark and magical history associated with it. Both have a sort of atmosphere that’s nearly tangible with all its weight, and I definitely recommend if you’re up for a book that makes you feel and think.

Read my reviews of When Light Left Us and A Room Away From the Wolves here and here, respectively!

If you liked The Hearts We Sold, then you’ll love What the Woods Keep!

Are you a fan of the genre-crossing sci-fi fantasy paranormal contemporary mystery novel that is The Hearts We Sold (yes, it does sound like I’m spitting a bunch of genres out, but trust me, they actually work really well together!)?

Then you definitely want to check out the genre-crossing dark urban fantasy sci-fi paranormal contemporary mystery novel that is What the Woods Keep (also a mouthful).

Not only do both books seamlessly blends what seems like a random selection of genres, but they also manage to do it in a way that’s engaging and never clunky. I absolutely adore how the story reads and the protagonists go through such an interesting journey!

Definitely recommend if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box fiction to read!

Read my reviews of The Hearts We Sold and What the Woods Keep here and here, respectively!

much love, vicky

Which of these books have you read? Are there different books you’d recommend for each?

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