Really Great but Really Unexpected Reads from 2018!

I’ve read 155 books so far in 2018, and there’s no sign of stopping.

And along the way, I’ve come across some really awesome books that have either come from authors I’d never read anything from or authors with books that I hadn’t really liked in the past.

I was going to write about all these lovely books in a post, but I ended up doing this cutesy Twitter thread about all of them. (Let’s not talk about how much time I spent on the graphics.)

So I’ll just drop the thread link here, as well as some of the individual tweets below, and please, check out these books. They are amazing and surprising and so many of them have become new favorites.

Read the rest in the thread here!

much love, vicky

Which books that you’ve read in 2018 have astounded you so far?

5 thoughts on “Really Great but Really Unexpected Reads from 2018!

    1. ahahha SO MANY BOOKS. thank you so much & I really hope you enjoy! (finding felicity was just so awesome, OMG)


  1. WOW! That’s some number!! I’m around 100 books behind haha 😀 But seriously, how many books do you read every week on an average? Keep it up because I would love to get some great book recommendations ❤

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    1. it varies, but I usually read a book a day, although sometimes I miss one of the days. 6 is a solid number per week for me! and don’t feel bad! I just have a bunch of reading time (summer!!!). These are all totally great books which you should definitely check out!!

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