If You Liked… #3

We’re back with another month of book recommendations specifically personalized around your favorite reads!

This month we cover everything from European romances to mysteries to competitions for the coveted first place. These will hopefully not let you down!

Without further ado, here are some books that you should definitely check out–and it works both ways!

If you liked The Night Circus, then you’ll love Caraval!

Are you all for that magical intrigue, that carnival delight of being amazed and tricked? Then you should definitely check out Stephanie Garber’s Caraval because it’s got all that and so much more!

Plus, the writing is just as luscious as you could imagine–with colors to describe feelings and such a rich setting that will immerse you in the story. Also, isn’t that cover just beautiful? I definitely recommend this read to anyone looking for a little magic and mystery in their life, especially ones with a solid hint of romance.

If you liked Love and Gelato, then you’ll love I See London, I See France!

Summer is almost here, and maybe a fun summer romance in Europe is sure to launch you in to that relaxing mood. Love & Gelato was such an awesome and swoonworthy read in Italy, and if you loved this, then I See London, I See France is sure to rock your world as you get to see more than just Italy, but also other parts of Europe too!

Can I get a what what?

Plus, there’s tons of cool friendship dynamics in it that you don’t get in Love & Gelato, and a lot more sightseeing. Although, there’s also a sad lack of gelato in this story. Either way, I definitely recommend both of these books for an easy summer read!

If you liked Winterspell, then you’ll love Wintersong!

Chilling magic is something I love reading about–there’s just something so fascinating about the cold and the otherworldly that I just can’t help myself from picking these books up. Whether you’re looking for a Nutcracker retelling in Winterspell or a Labyrinth retelling in Wintersong, each of these is sure to be as magical and cool as you could hope.

They’ve got very similar themes in the icy intrigue within the stories, and I love the magical world each other manages to spin into fruition. I definitely recommend both of these if you’re looking for a delightfully cool read!

If you liked The Hunger Games, then you’ll love Dare Mighty Things!

Looking for some fierce competition? Well, then Dare Mighty Things might just be the next The Hunger Games for you!

As a well known and loved favorite, The Hunger Games gives that heart-pounding dystopia action that helped bring YA to the big screen. And although Dare Mighty Things is a lot more underplayed, it’s got lots of fierce competition for those coveted spots on the spaceship.

Plus, it’s a lot more diverse and a lot less love-triangle-y than The Hunger Games is, so if you were frustrated about that, worry no further! Please check this out for your own sakes.

If you liked A Study in Charlotte, then you’ll love Truly Devious!

Although one of these is a Sherlock Holmes retelling and the other isn’t, there’s a lot of the same mysterious vibes in each and similar voices.

Both books take on such a measured tone and take place in a boarding school with a big mystery going on, and both feature main characters who fancy themselves as good at solving mysteries. Truly Devious is definitely a title I’d recommend to lovers of A Study in Charlotte, and vice versa.

They’ve both got that mystery that is sure to pull you into the story and keep you sucked in throughout all the books.

much love, vicky

Which of these have you read? Which ones would you recommend?


2 thoughts on “If You Liked… #3

    1. You should definitely check it out! it’s a lot more ~rational~ feeling than The Hunger Games as the MC is a little smarter and less love addled, plus, I really enjoyed the scifi aspect and definitely recommend! The sequel comes out soon so if you read it, you won’t be left hanging for long!

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