If You Liked… #2

Who’s up for more reading recommendations based off of books you know and love?!

Last time we did “If You Liked…” (find it here), we brought to the table five books and ones like it so you could fall in love with a similar book all over again!

This time, we’re bringing you five more specialized recommendations!

As always, they work both ways. The second book mentioned and the first book mentioned are interchangeable (although I try to put the lesser known one as the second).

Let’s begin, and I hope you all find some awesome books to read!

If you liked Fangirl, you’ll love Eliza and Her Monsters!

As teenagers, many of us share that same social anxiety, even though each person shows it a little differently. When I read Fangirl for the first time, it was like someone finally understood me. And then I went and read it four more times in the next two months.

I waited years to find a book like Fangirl, something where I could really see that socially anxious hermit part of myself in literature. Then came Eliza and Her Monsters which was such a fantastic book. It’s a little more extreme and a little darker than Fangirl, but it’s so good and I could really relate to Eliza.

These are both awesome novels that will inspire hope in any reader that your life isn’t actually falling apart. 10/10 would recommend.

If you liked The Sun Is Also a Star, you’ll love They Both Die at the End!

I am a sucker for 24 hour novels. They end up being so addicting because so much plot is squeezed into so little time. And sure, maybe the characters don’t always end up being the most developed things in the world, but these books sure are entertaining!

The Sun Is Also a Star was one of the first novels of this type that I read, and I totally loved it! I so enjoyed all the points of view, and finding a similar structure but different plot in They Both Die at the End was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed both of these novels and definitely recommend if you like this sort of book!

Read my full review of They Both Die at the End here!

If you liked Three Dark Crowns, you’ll love Dividing Eden!

X # of siblings. Only one can have the throne.

This is a fantasy trope that is getting more and more popular, and although it isn’t my personal favorite in the fantasy genre, I do think that it proves to be interesting and is an expanding facet of fantasy!

So, lovers of Three Dark Crowns and the three competing sisters in that story will almost certainly enjoy the two twins’ fight for the throne in Joelle Charbonneau’s Dividing Eden! It’s as action packed yet political as you could expect and fans of both these books may want to consider checking the other out…

Read my full review of Three Dark Crowns here!

If you liked The Winner’s Curse, you’ll love The Traitor’s Kiss!

This is a fantasy style that more up my alley. I’m a sucker for royalty and fantasy worlds that don’t actually have any real magic in them, just interesting, new settings and lots of politics going on.

I ended up devouring The Winner’s Curse trilogy in only a couple of days and was so sad to see it end. But, a few months later, I found The Traitor’s Kiss which is super similar in atmosphere–there’s all this political stuff happening and maybe a few important people thrown in, but there’s no magic involved. Both books were very enjoyable for me and if you liked one, you should definitely check out the other!

Read my full review of The Traitor’s Kiss here!

If you liked A Court of Thorns and Roses, you’ll love An Enchantment of Ravens!

If you’re all about that faerie life, then you’ve probably heard of A Court of Thorns and Roses. Even if you’re not all about that faerie life, you’ve probably heard of this series. As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of A Court of Thorns and Roses.

So yeah. It’s a pretty popular series, and parts ended up being better than I expected.

If you enjoyed some of that swoony romance in the series, plus just some of that interesting magical happenings, then you might want to check out the lesser known An Enchantment of Ravens!

I personally think of it as ACoTaR’s less trashy counterpart, although some SJM fans may will disagree.

But, it is less smutty and a little more, ah how do you say, nuanced than ACoTaR, and it’s a very quick read (less than 300 pages). It was magical and entertaining and I did enjoy reading both books to some extent, and can definitely see some similarities (though don’t seek me out when you find there’s no Rhys in An Enchantment of Ravens…).

Read my full review of A Court of Thorns and Roses here!
Read my full review of An Enchantment of Ravens here!

much love, vicky

What books would you recommend to fans of these books? Let me know in the comments below! You’ll be seeing another one of these posts on the last Monday of April 😉


7 thoughts on “If You Liked… #2

    1. confession: I actually ended up DNFing Dividing Eden because I couldn’t get into it, but I definitely saw the similarities between the series!


    1. Yes! You should definitely read it–it’s such an awesome book & I think you’ll love it if you loved Fangirl!


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