Bookish Confessions #1

I was scheduled to write about How Likeable Do Characters Have to Be? which is what I had scheduled for today’s post, but I got lazy and I’m sick and I decided that was a good enough excuse to shove off that discussion post for another week (after shoving it off since October).

I was also super lazy that I didn’t make a header for this either, but I’m just gonna attribute that to wanting to show off the gifs better. Yeah, that’s it.

But whatever. I’m an invalid–that should be excuse enough. Ok fine I’m not really I went to school today because I had to it’s a math test but I’m basically an invalid.

The points is, I decided to do something fun this week and, you know, spill some tea.

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If anyone wants to make me tea I’ll love you forever because my throat really hurts.

So here are some bookish confessions I have! Don’t judge me I’m sorry I’m such a terrible person I’m trying to change better save the tea so you can dump it on my head.

I may or may not think I’m innocent to all of these even though they did happen. It’s up to you to decide if I’ll have a fiery death and live in hell with Hades after I die. If it’s a sexy Hades, I can’t say I won’t enjoy it…

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1. I’ve spilled something in a book before.

Yeah. My tears.

Bodily fluids aside (the end of The Book Thief was heartbreaking. HEARTBREAKING.), I have spilled some things on books before.

It’s small things (not like a whole cup of water) like a drop of soup, etc. I sincerely apologized to each book, but hey! At least it wasn’t on books I like, so it’s basically excusable, right?

No you’re a heinous demon, Vicky, and shall atone for your sins!!!

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2. I’ve returned library books back late.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t violate the due date on a library book before. What can I say? We’re self-confessed book-obsessed.

It’s honestly not a morally bad thing–loving literature so much that it wants you to keep a book that you don’t own doesn’t sound terrible to me. Isn’t the world aiming to inspire a love of literature in youth? So, consider me inspired. Please let all the books arrive on my doorstep.

But I think it’s virtually not a terrible deed because I returned them all on no-fine day (which happens once a year at my library) so I’m pretty much excused. Pretty much.

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3. I’ve dropped a book on the floor.

Alright, many of you won’t consider this a bookish sin, but it could be a really terrible deed if I damaged the pages! Spoiler alert: I haven’t.

But like, a book is precious! Treat with care! Oops did I drop that? *check around that nobody is watching & pick it back up super quickly*

Did you ever wonder why I switched to magnetic bookmarks? Well, it’s because every time I dropped the book I was reading, my bookmark would fall out. Hence, magnetic so it will stay inside.

And I’d like to say that it was a crime of passion and I just couldn’t help myself because the book was so good, but the truth is I’m just really clumsy. Oops. But I think this counts as a viable excuse.

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4. I’ve cracked the spine of a paperback.

I’m not actually ashamed of this one and it usually happens in school books that I don’t own, but I find it *shudders* terrible to crack a paperback’s spine. I take so much care to keep them in order, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

The last time this happened was around September when I accidentally ended up with one crease in my copy of Sense & Sensibility. Gah!

But, because my intentions are good, I’m obviously excused–right?

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5. I haven’t paid full price for a book in a very long time.

This really isn’t a bookish sin, but paying full price for books has basically…stopped.

Why? They’re expensive, duh! And when I say full price, I don’t mean that kick ass $13 listing on Amazon, I mean the full, printed-on-the-dust-cover $18.99 price.

The last time this happened was in March 2017 when I bought a copy of Caraval when I was out of town. I knew I should have brought a coupon to Barnes and Noble!

But I feel a little guilty because I’m depriving someone of they’re money when I don’t pay full price. It’s not like I’m stealing the book, but who takes the losses? The bookseller, the author, the publishing company? Someone isn’t getting their cash when I buy sale books…

Yet, I can quash this guilt pretty easily when I think of all the books I can buy with that extra money I saved. Maybe it’s time to stop by Book Outlet again…

much love, vicky

Do you think I’m in denial? I totally am I just won’t admit it outside of strikethrough. What are some of your bookish confessions? (If you want juicier confessions, all you have to do is ask! I shall use complete honesty in the comment section if you want to know all my deepest darkest secrets. No, you can’t have my social security number.)


3 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions #1

  1. I have done all of these things too! I don’t think I have ever bought a book not on sale! The temptation to save money is too strong! And I grew up reading nearly exclusively library books so didn’t even know about the spine cracking thing until a friend lent me a book with the warning ‘Don’t crack the spine’. I was so terrified of damaging the book, I don’t think I ever read it! 😂

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