Long Books: A Good or Bad Reading Choice?

Today’s (late) post is something geared more towards a discussion, but I wanted to know your thoughts on reading long books as well as sharing mine!

I’ve talked to a few friends, such as Aitana @ Aitana Reads, a while back about what book lengths they prefer and I heard a wide range. Some people like shorter ones, 200-300 pages, while others like 400+ pages.

I’d totally love to hear your thoughts on what book lengths you like (drop a comment below) and here’s mine!

I personally like the average length (I’m so creative, I know). 300-400 pages, the most common length, is the one that I find I have the most success in reading. Sometimes short books just don’t pack enough in it for me to feel invested (i.e. An Enchantment of Ravens) while some long books, despite how good they are overall, have parts that drag or I’ll just get bored reading (i.e. The Unexpected Everything).

300-400 page books have given me the most success in pacing, which is something I feel correlates a lot with book length. It gives me enough to have the chance connect with the characters while also not including unnecessary filler sometimes.

That’s not to say that all 400+ page books and all 300- page books aren’t good, there are definitely great books in these page ranges! I’ve had tons of books outside of the range that I love, but most of the books that I do like are in this range which is why I usually pick up medium sized books.

I do however, try not to think of book length when picking out books–only at a final resort when I’m forced to choose between two books at the library because both my bags and arms are full and I just cannot fit one more.

I find it’s best to just go with whatever sounds interesting, although some books will turn me off with their length when I’m in stressful times. If it’s December 31st and I have only one book left in my reading challenge (I’m usually well ahead, but still, hypothetically), I’d probably pick the shorter book just for the sake of it. Or maybe that novella…

But overall, it’s good advice just to read what interests you–it’s okay if it takes you two days, two weeks, or two months to read a book. Pick your own pace, stick with it, and hopefully you’ll have a great time reading books you love!

(This by all means does not mean I would not buy every single piece of merchandise released with the words “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” because I totally would buy it all.)

much love, vicky

What book length do you like? Why is that? I’d love to chat about books in the comment section 💖

16 thoughts on “Long Books: A Good or Bad Reading Choice?

  1. I’m partial to shorter books (200-300) as I like to read in one sitting usually, and I don’t have the best attention span. That being said, I tend to enjoy longer books more. I rarely pick up anything over about 450 pages unless it’s recommended (illuminae files for example) as it’s just too much and I often find it drags (I know I’m a total hypocrite when my books are so long, but that’s all self indulgence).

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    1. I definitely agree with the one sitting (it takes me longer to read piece by piece). And ahahah you’re books do sometimes stray a little long, but you’ve got some killer short stories (oh wait HOH didn’t end up as a short story scratch it all out XD). and anything over 450 has me suspicious (also the binding is almost always super messed up in 450+ page books??? send halp), but sometimes it is really worth it!

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      1. Mine are embarrassingly long 😂 trying to keep my newer ones a bit shorter but I probably won’t succeed aha. YES THE BINDING feels so much weaker and thinner? I’ve got some longer books begging to be read that I can’t wait to get into!

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    1. I can definitely see that! There are some that I really enjoy, but sometimes I do think there’s too much filler (this is only a problem though if I’m to a huge fan of the book because I would read any fluff/filler/phone book Leigh Bardugo comes up with). And ahaha all the books are amazing, I agree!


  2. I very much prefer books no longer than about 400-450 pages. When books get into “big book” range (800-1000 pages) I seem to take an eternity to read them. Plus, I seem to find that they have TOO many details at that point. I prefer my books a bit more straightforward.

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  3. That’s a very interesting discussion! I feel like I’m always in the middle and it really tends to depend on the book, like you said some short books can’t make me feel invested enough in the characters while other books work perfectly as shorter than 300 – 400 pages. Also, there are amazing long books that I’ve read in a few days and adored, while others are just getting boring really quick. So, yes, it all depends on my mood.
    Lovely post! ❤

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    1. Thank you! And yeah, it definitely depends on the books because long contemporaries are something I avoid while I’m generally more receptive to long fantasies! Mood is definitely a big influencer!

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