Cover Geek #22: Dresses on Covers

Y’know a while back, YA used to be full of covers with pretty dresses on them? Well, that’s what this week’s Cover Geek is all about!

I personally have nothing against lots of pretty dresses on covers (unless it ended up looking ugly, and that’s a whole ‘nother story). I know some people hate them with a burning passion (see something popping up more than twice? time to stir that hatred in the pot) but for me, I just like pretty covers.

And so this week, I bring to you the early 2010s in YA covers: dresses. I worked hard to pick out the nice looking ones (compared to the ones that basically scared me off of YA with all the weird paranormal looking covers) that sound like they have interesting insides. So, let’s begin!

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The Selection by Kiera Cass

Pretty dresses? Maybe the very first cover you thought of was The Selection. You may also be thinking, “Vicky, there are five books in the series, not three…” Well sucks for you! I like to ignore the last two and pretend those disasters didn’t happen.

*awkward silence*

Anyhoo, for one of those trashy series (said in the most fondest manner possible) that will get you high on entertainment value, The Selection is sure to pull through. I have my moments where I think, “Gosh, wouldn’t now be a great time to indulge in some trashy love triangle novels with an frustrating not-like-other-girls-FMC?”

And then I remember those thirty something ARCs I have waiting for me and forget all about France Dancer America Singer.

But I have to give this series brownie points for those covers that are particularly appealing for females that are teen-aged. Who wouldn’t want to put on a giant, layered, tulle, itchy dress? Because it works really well at pulling people in, all around the world. (This series has been at almost every international bookstore I’ve been to.)

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Can I get a whoop whoop?! No snark will be found in this blurb because this is actually a really great series.

I totally binged it in three days.

I know, like all books, some people didn’t like it, but this is the perfect type of fantasy series for me–lots of world building, very little magic, royalty, tasteful execution of slavery (non-black), and lots of romantic tension.

Oh, it’s definitely getting hot in here.

Because not only does this book have an AMAZING interior, it’s covers are like gorgeous to the max. I’m pretending the paperback ones don’t exist. I just want to sit in a giant circle of fabric–is that too much to ask? So yeah, I totally recommend based on just the cover alone (but the inside is great too)!

See the source image

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Alright, this book definitely isn’t for everyone (it’s more “romance in a science-fiction setting” than “science-fiction with a romatic subplot”) but it was still an awesome read for me!

But like, look at that dress! It’s huge! It’s billowing! It could hide an entire basketball team under there! It’s so pretty and silky and it satisfies my inner bridesmaid. It’s just so gorgeous!

And the stars make the aesthetic so pretty–this is like cover-love right here. Let me marry this cover and forsake all men, I only have eyes for one.

So yeah, moral of the story: gorgeous cover, plus fun, interesting inside if you’re looking for a very romantic read in a unique setting!


Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

I have two words for you: Assassin nuns.

This isn’t even a super dressy cover, but I really wanted to include assassin nuns on the cover. Like WOWOW doesn’t that sound cool?! I haven’t read this novel yet, but I’m definitely excited to read it when I find a copy because ASSASSIN NUNS!!!


She’s also got a chill dress and all–very medieval looking. But, like, *whispers* assassin nuns.

See the source image

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

Alright, back to seriousness. My last selection is a super dressy one (I mean, “steel corset” is literally in the title, what were you expecting?) and the dress is around half of the cover, which is totally cool.

This is part of a genre I don’t read a lot of (steampunk O.o) and so hopefully I’ll get a chance to read it soon! It looks interesting (mechanical parts in humans–very cyborg-esque in a historical setting) and I just am drawn to the pretty dress. But those shoulder blades are most definitely not dress code…

much love, vicky

Although I may look like a slob 70% of the time, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate high fashion. *sniffs* What are some of your favorite covers with pretty dresses on them?

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