Cover Geek #21: Why Covers Are Important (a reminder post)

This is going to be a pretty short post, but I’d just like to emphasize once again that covers are so important to a novel and can truly help a marketing campaign & pre-publishing promo of a book.

I know covers are totally out of the author’s control, so you have to hope and pray your publisher pulls through with a beautiful one! Obviously some imprints & publishers have a larger budget for covers, meaning more bells and whistles (UV coating, shiny foil, embossed, iridescent sheen, stamped insides, pretty end papers, etc.). These are so gorgeous, and it’s the little details that count.

We shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but it’s human nature to do so. You want the pretty cake, not the badly iced one, right? But all cake is good cake, and no matter how pretty the outside is, or how unattractive, it doesn’t take away from what’s inside.

Good covers are very helpful in boosting pre-publishing excitement–just look at the countless cover-dedicated posts out there. I host a Cover Geek once a week where I can swoon over all the pretty covers in the YA community. It can really add to a book’s hype, which is why it’s great to have a beautiful cover, so people give the insides a chance.

But beyond the bells and whistles, covers should really emphasize what the book is about. That’s the whole purpose, besides attracting readers to buy the book.

Seeing a solid background cover with large font on it won’t really tell you much about the book. But seeing details, such as a tree or an apple or blood or a sword, can make the reader really understand what the novel is about.

You should be able to tell what the story is about from that one image on the cover, knowing if it’s fantasy or romance or contemporary or something else. Trends tend to stay within genre lines, and it’s not always a good idea to take a trend from another genre and use it in something else because it can definitely confuse people.

But, besides content, covers also work really well in establishing the mood of the story. The atmospheric feeling–eerie, magical, dark, etc.–sets the tone for the reader even before they start reading. Seeing something overly jolly on the cover and then opening the first chapter to read about domestic abuse can leave the reader feeling betrayed.

So the moral of this post is having a good cover is awesome and fantastic and opens up so many doors for the author–not only in exposure, but in improving the chances of your book being picked up. This is out of your control, but most publishers won’t let you down.

much love, vicky

What’s your thoughts on covers? Do you think they’re important? Let’s chat!

17 thoughts on “Cover Geek #21: Why Covers Are Important (a reminder post)

  1. I wish I could say that I didn’t judge books by their covers, but I have to admit that I’m a sucker for glitzy, fancy covers. However, I’m also a sucker for older paperback classics that are sometimes just about ready to split in half if you open them too far.

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    1. Yes! They’re just so eye-catching, I’m inclined to look at them more and possibly skip over what could have been a great read! And super bendy paperbacks are always fun to look at! Sorry I missed your comment–it got thrown into the spam folder! :S


  2. I LOVE when there’s something on the cover that relates to the story– especially when you don’t even KNOW that it does until you get to that part and then BOOM, you see that something that seemed kind of just like a mood setting item actually is meaningful in the story.

    But yes, I love pretty covers. I know a lot of people got annoyed at the pretty dress covers that were popular a few years ago, but I was like UMM WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT A PRETTY DRESS?? I could look at pretty clothes 24/7 and never get bored.

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    1. right?! i love pretty dresses on covers and I do not mind whatsoever! having something that is related to the story is so nice because it sets the mood and everything and I just enjoy getting a sneak peek about the book from the cover! thanks for stopping by ❤


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  4. I definitely judge books by their covers all the time. So often I am drawn to getting a book just from the cover, so it is really important. I feel I am put off a book if I don’t like the cover even though the story inside might be great!

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    1. Yes! But whenever I do read one with a less appealing cover that has a great inside, it makes me regret it a lot, so I try to shut down that part of me, although it doesn’t usually work!


  5. I don’t give books with an unappealing cover a second look. I’ve had experience with reading some and they don’t end up being that great. So I always feel like some pretty covers trick readers even though sometimes the cake inside isn’t so good. There’s no winning in that case but at least pretty covers will get more readers attention.

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    1. that’s definitely true about pretty covers! I try to ignore covers completely, but it’s hard when pretty covers just lure you in!


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