2017 December Book Haul (over 25 books!)

I’m not one to do book hauls, but I felt like I just had to do one because I got so many great books this December that I want to share with y’all.

A big reason I don’t usually do book hauls is because of the fact that I always feel the need to emphasize that you–as a reader, a blogger, an author, a bookstagrammer, anyone–are not better or worse based on the number of books you have.

I know sometimes you think (as I have done before) that you’ll be a better blogger+etc. if you had more books, but being a good blogger+etc. isn’t based on the books you own. It’s based on the books you read.

But it’s also not about reading the most books. Are some bloggers+etc. better than another? Sure, if you can figure out a way to measure it. Yet being a good blogger+etc. isn’t something that can be measured quantitatively–it’s not based on how many times you post or how many books you read or how many ARCs you get. It just can’t be measured.

A good blogger+etc. is different for everyone–for me, it’s based on passion. I like reading posts from bloggers who are passionate about blogging and the topics they blog about. But for others, it could well and truly be how many books someone owns (helpful for bookstagram) or how many ARCs they’ve gotten.

So the moral of this introduction is that even though I was privileged enough to receive books this holiday, it doesn’t make me a better blogger than I was before. It’s just something that makes me happy, and I hope I can help brighten your post-holiday too with some awesome book recommendations!

With that out of the way, here’s my holiday book haul (and consequently, a bunch of recommendations for y’all).

1. Zero Repeat Forever by Gabrielle Sara Prendergast

Isn’t the inside spine gorgeous?!

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other retailers had (might still be going on) this awesome sale for some bestsellers that took half off the price of this August release, so I ended up buying myself a copy as a pre-midterm gift to myself.

I know. I’m terrible restraining myself from buying sale books.

But I ended up getting this for under $8 which got me really excited because I love, love, LOVE this book. You can check out my review here if you want more info, but take it from me–this is one of my favorite sci-fi novels from 2017. And the hardcover is just so gorgeous, I am still in awe.

(note: they also had Solo by Kwame Alexander & Mary Rand Hess, Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart, and Strange Fire by Tommy Wallace half off too if you want to check it out!)

2. Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

See the source imageThank you to my Secret Snowperson Eva! (hehe. snowperson.) I loved reading this novel & was so excited when I unwrapped it as my Secret Snowperson gift. This is such an awesome fantasy and I would totally recommend (need more convincing? read my review here). There are dragons and political conflict and mysterious islands which craft into such a luscious fantasy!

This was such an awesome gift & I am 100% in love with it sitting on my shelf.

3. Warcross by Marie Lu

See the source imageThank you to Kaitlyn for buying me Warcross as a Christmas present! I read this a couple months back and it was a super fun science-fiction read (review here) & I’m so happy that I get to stare at the gorgeous rainbow cover every time I walk past my bookshelf. Emika is such an awesome POC main protagonist and the story was so thrilling at every turn!

I also really love how this cover matches Emika’s hair which is basically the greatest thing ever done. Book Two is going to be so epic y’all.

4. Every Day by David Levithan

See the source imageThank you to Alyssa for getting me a copy of Every Day! This has been on my TBR for a while and I’ve never stepped up to read it–but now I’ve gotten a push in the right direction. It would have helped if I had known that Another Day was actually it’s sequel though…but no matter. I’m also super excited to read this before the movie comes out (*cue shocked face*) which will be so fun to see in theaters!

I’m so ready to read this romantic read about finding one another through any life! It’s high up on my TBR which means nothing really because my TBR is huge.

5. Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough (ARC)

blood water paint
I just love the bookmark that came with it so much! (And it’s signed!)

Thank you so much to Joy McCullough for sending me this ARC I won during the Class of 2k18 Books December Chat! I’m so excited to read this book (there’s some awesome verses & all sorts of feminist themes in a historical setting–yass!). And it’s also about an artist, which is so amazing!This debut is going to be great and I’m aiming to read it by the end of the month! You should go add it to your TBR right now!

(It took me a while to figure out what was on the cover and then I realized it was a girl’s painted back. *facepalm*)

6. Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Moxie girls fight back!

Now begins the start of the Christmas gifts from the parents (love you mom & dad!).

I have been yammering about this book since before September because I was so excited to read it! It totally lived up to all my expectations and was absolutely wonderful! My library didn’t have a copy (they haven’t bought new teen books in like 3 months and I’m honestly very stressed about this) and so I went and read the book in Barnes and Noble because I was so excited for it! And then I got a copy for Christmas so I’d be able to pet & read it whenever I want, hehe!

7-8. Stalking Jack the Ripper & Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

stalking jack
There are all these gorgeous photos inside the book!

I LOVE THIS SERIES. Because wow, this made me like murder mysteries. I was just casually eating dinner while reading about an autopsy and blood and flesh and gore and it was fantastic! I didn’t even mind! And the romance was amazing and slow burn and I MUST HAVE MORE of Thomas Cresswell *swoons* and Audrey Rose!

I also read book 2 in the bookstore because I just couldn’t wait and my library (once again) did not have the book available. But all is well because I was temporarily satisfied. At least, until Escaping Houdini comes out and I just have to read it!

9. A List of Cages by Robin Roe

See all the stars on the inside cover here!

I so enjoyed reading this book from my library and was so excited to find it under the tree! I just love Robin Roe’s writing so much in this powerful book and will 100% read anything else she comes out with. This is probably one of my most recommended novels (of the contemporary genre) of 2017 and I just love all the characters so much. The inside cover is also really pretty because it’s got all these stars on it which makes me want to swoon!

10-13. Seizure, Code, Exposure, Terminal by Kathy & Brendan Reichs

My mom and I have been bingeing Bones recently, and so she bought me books 2-5 of Kathy Reich’s books (Kathy Reichs who helped write Bones). It’s a little funky because these are books published a very long time ago (2011?) and there’s a lot of cover and size editions present. #2 has the original cover while #3-5 have the new cover but #5 is an inch shorter than the other ones and it all makes my head hurt to think about it. I was also confused because the new books say Brendan Reichs on it too (he’s the writer of Nemesis) while the original cover only says Kathy so I’m not really sure what happened! But nonetheless, and book is a good gift and I’m excited to dig in when I get a chance!

14. Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills (Uppercase)

foolish heartsEEEK. This is probably one of my favorite gifts of the year because now Uppercase packages will be heading my way in January and February too. EEK.

Bookish subscription services are always very expensive, but I think my parents made an awesome decision in choosing Uppercase because

1. I won’t get any coffee/tea/candles/bath-bombs/lotions/soaps/other-things-that-go-on-skin that I’ll never use (sensitive skin, nose, and tastes = none of the above).

2. I get practical items + a hardcover book all in a pouch that I can carry around to protect my books (see the bag shown in the Blood Water Paint photograph above).

3. It’s much more friendly to the pocket than some other services!

And when mom & dad save more money, Vicky gets more books. It’s a win-win all around.

And I’m so excited to read Foolish Hearts with my book club (and check out Uppercase’s exclusive resources) in February–I can’t believe I have to wait so long to start! The inside cover is really pretty as there are some of the same patterns stamped into the cover in a pink!

15. A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

Look at that gold foil!

Bookstore road trip? Bookstore road trip. Me + family + coast of Florida = stopping by every bookstore up the coast in that after Christmas sale.

My local Barnes and Noble doesn’t ever have any YA bargain books, but some of the other ones in Florida did, and I was so excited to find a copy of A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston because this is such a pretty book with a delightful story! You can read my review here!

16. The Amateurs by Sara Shepard

See the source imageAnother BNN pickup, The Amateurs is a book I’ve been eyeing, although I didn’t know it was written by the creator of Pretty Little Liars (huh). But I’m looking for a good teen mystery, and I hope this book will pull through! And the fact that it’s purple makes me really happy since there aren’t that many purple books out there, so another one in my collection is something to celebrate over! The cover is pretty awesome because there are giant fingerprints all over it in that clear plastic-y coating, which is very enjoyable to pet, hehe!

17. Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 by Marissa Meyer

See the source imageWho knew I was lucky?–and I didn’t even have a rabbit’s foot! Somehow (a miracle, really) I managed to win the Fierce Reads Cyber Monday Twitter giveaway of a copy of Wires and Nerve, which was such a lovely surprise! It arrived in the mail a little after I got back from The Bookstore Road Trip which was another lovely addition to the “needs to be organized” shelf on my bookcase.

I’ve already read Wires and Nerve which was such a lovely graphic novel spinoff to The Lunar Chronicles & I can’t wait until the second volume releases in January, but I am so excited to add it to my Marissa Meyer collection.

Thank you to Fierce Reads/Macmillan for giving me this opportunity!

18. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

This book has such beautiful illustrations inside!

Oh Book Outlet. My best friend and worst enemy. Trying to both demolish my bank account and build up my bookshelf. And making me love it every second of the way.

Well, an order of nine books wasn’t exactly helpful to my case, but I only ended up with 8 of them (*sad face*) because they somehow ran out of Replica after I purchased it? I don’t know what happened, but that makes me really sad.

But anyways, I’m finally able to have this glorious book on my shelf and I just love, love, love Liesel and the Goblin King and I can’t wait for Shadowsong to be out later this month! Crossing my fingers to be picked as a part of the blog tour! It’s one of my most recommended 2017 fantasy reads, along with Caraval!

19-21. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, & Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

You: How do you have 9 copies of the same book??? Me: I stuck other books inside the jacket.

Lara Jean is another one of those cute, diverse, YA romcom contemporary protagonists who I adore! She’s so…Pinterest and it makes her so great. I think this book series is a really fun romantic read and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something of this genre.

My box set’s edges got damaged again (the only ones that have ever made it to me safely are the Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows Duology box sets :/) but that’s okay because I won’t love it any less because of this!

22. The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

See the source imageI’m building up my Marie Lu collection book by book apparently, and now I’m missing book 2, The Rose Society. Hopefully I’ll track down a copy soon, because that’s my favorite book in this series. Adelina just turns so dark and delicious in that book and I love all the evil darkness within her!

But now I can proudly say book 3 is on my shelf too. This is a great series and I’d totally recommend! It’s probably my favorite of all of Lu’s books, and a great fantasy trilogy!

23. Virals by Kathy & Brendan Reichs

See the source imagePart of my Book Outlet haul also included investing in book 1 of The Virals series (this one is in paperback and the whole collection is so mismatched erp!) so I’d be able to…y’know, read books 2-5.

Hopefully this series won’t be like, a super huge letdown and then I’ll have a set of books I don’t really like on my shelf that don’t even match. I’d end up relegating it to sit behind books I do like instead if worst came to worst :S But I have high hopes!

24. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

See the source imageThe last of the Book Outlet haul, this is another very awesome diverse YA contemporary that I love! I Believe in a Thing Called Love is such a fun story full of flailures (flirting failures) and Korean dramas and a hilarious, sweet main character. I lost a ton of sleep staying up late reading this book & would totally recommend!

The inside cover of this book is hot pink and it just makes me so happy because that is such a Desi color I absolutely love it! We need more hot pink books (to help my book stacks) because it’s an amazing color that deserves more appreciation.

25. This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

this mortal coil
new phone who dis?

I bought this for myself because it was my book club’s pick for the first half of January and such an awesome book! I had a ton of fun reading it and it was the type of action-y, science-y, fast-paced thriller that was full of delicious twists and turns. I’d 100% recommend it to any SFF lover or anyone looking for a heart-pounding, exciting read!

You should definitely check this out because of all the science-y goodness alone! It’s also a fantastic book and Emily Suvada can definitely write!You can read my review here.

26. Winterspell by Claire Legrand

See the source imageI’ve actually already read this book a very long time ago, but it’s a Nutcracker retelling which is as bespelling as the title. There are lots of gorgeous icey themes in here and some swoony romance, as well as a lesbian evil queen.

If you’re looking for something icey and magical and full of dark magic and curses, I’d definitely recommend checking this book out because it’s a delightful fantasy novel! It’s also got a historical setting and time warps and other magical worlds.

much love, vicky

What are some books you got for the holidays? Have you read any of these before?

6 thoughts on “2017 December Book Haul (over 25 books!)

  1. i love book hauls. love, love, LOVE THEM! and i love winterspell! i wanted more :-(( and same about bookoutlet! i spent so MUCH and they just arrived on friday and saturday and wow they make me so happy just looking at them! i also got i believe in a thing called loved (among a dozen others)! and lastly, i lOVE BONES AND I REALLY WANNA READ STALKING JACK THE RIPPER IT SOUNDS SO COOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT OMG BOOK HAULS ARE SO FUN!!! i can’t wait for Furyborn to come in May! BONES IS AMAZING YASS PATTY stalking jack the ripper is such a great book 100% recommend!!


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