DRC: Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston


4 stars

As a child, Ana was found with a sentient android, D09, by a fearsome space captain and grizzled crew she now calls family. But D09’s kind is now illegal and has been glitching, and Ana will stop at nothing for a solution to fix him.

“Nothing” meaning embarking on a quest to steal coordinates for a lost ship that will provide her with answers. Yet, an Ironblood boy beats Ana to the prize, his own motivations as strong as Ana’s. After everything goes wrong, they end up as fugitives on the run and the entire kingdom is after them–dead or alive.

Ana and Robb, the Ironblood boy, unearth dangerous secrets about both their past, the kingdom, and what possibly will be their future. Ana must make decisions that will rock her world, and that of everyone else as well.

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I loved reading this book! I sped through the whole thing in a day, and can’t believe how ready I am for the sequel.

The plot is definitely exciting as Ana embarks on this journey to save her android. I was definitely hooked because, space adventure. That’s really all you need.

But besides that, she does all sorts of badass stuff (none of that weird killing but regretting but not regretting stuff that’s “supposed to be” internal conflict but really isn’t) and doesn’t stop to get what she wants (except murder. murder bad.) and it’s paced really well so there’s not really any slow or dragging portions.

I really liked all the characters–ranging from D09 the Metal, Ana, Robb the Ironblood, and Jax the pilot–and seeing these points of view rotate was super exciting.

I did find this novel to be very similar to Cinder, even though it’s an Anastasia plot. It’s another long lost princess (that’s not really a spoiler, you guys) in space with burns, but it’s got a lot of differences. I do think if you enjoyed Cinder, you’ll enjoy this novel, but there are some key differences.

The rotating points of view between Ana, Robb, D09, and Jax were fun to see because it balanced what was happening even if they were split up. It wasn’t super redundant in that aspect.

I think I enjoyed Jax’s POV the most because he’s part of this race of people who have the ability to look at someone’s future from the stars and his humor was great, although the story is mostly Ana with an equal amount of Robb and Jax and D09 aka Di (who goes under different names).

I do recommend you refrain from reading the table of contents like I did because it’s kind of spoiler-y. You won’t get it immediately, but near midway in the book, it’s definitely kind of a spoiler for what’s to come.

Ana was cool, and although I didn’t really relate that much with any of the characters, I enjoyed reading about them. The plot was the star of the show, though, as it kept me on the toes all the way.

I did find some of the romance to be a tad out-there. I loved Robb and Jax (they were so cute you guys I love all this LGBTQ+ romance coming our way), but Ana and D09 was a little weird to me.

He’s a Metal and so in the earlier parts of the novel I was a little, “Hmm. Ana and a robot. I mean, whatever floats your boat you guys.” It’s not like their dynamic is super gross or anything, but it’s just something that’s not very common (try and name some robot romances). There’s stuff that happens at the end that makes it less weird and out there (spoilers! my lips are sealed) but I didn’t really mind what was happening too much. If you’re like OMG NO EW Y’ALL NEED TO STOP then you might want to read this with an open mind & an end goal in sight that it’s not actually creepy.

I also felt like the Ana and D09 relationship was somewhat unbalanced because D09, despite Ana trying to treat him as an equal, still comes off as subservient to Ana. That’s not a bad thing compared to all the aggressive alpha males in literature, but I do think that their relationship needs more development to be entirely healthy (though after that ending plot twist, who knows what’s going to happen).

I really enjoyed the plot twists Poston pulled on us–and that’s not just the whole “lost princess reveal” spiel. There’s other things that happen that make the plot twists (and the ending!) so great. I’m also very excited for future novels because Poston sets up a really great precedent for more spicy things to come in sequels, especially with the Metals.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Heart of Iron. I’ll definitely be reading the sequel and would definitely recommend it to lovers of science fiction or Cinder. I wish I could have connected more with the main characters and it was a very close balance between 4 and 4.5 for me.

You can preorder Heart of Iron now from major booksellers (& submit your receipt to get fun swag!) or buy it in stores on February 27th, 2018!

much love, vicky

Thank you to Balzer + Bray, Harper Collins, and Edelweiss for providing me with a digital review copy of this novel!

Are you excited for Heart of Iron?

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