Guess the Book #1: MS Paint Edition

So I thought I’d do a fun blog post today which is my first Guess the Book! In this post, I’ll be displaying some of my lovely five minute drawings using Microsoft Paint and you’ll try to guess which YA book it is!

All you have to do is fill out the little form at the bottom of this post with your answers & label it 1-5! For a starting hint, they all are YA novels from 2016 or 2017.

And, to make things more fun, I’ll be throwing in some prizes! The first person to guess all five correct will receive a custom graphic by me! To see my vector graphic portfolio, you can check out my Wattpad Book or you can look at my Instagram for some custom typography. (I swear they won’t look as bad as the images below!)

If nobody guesses all five correctly by the next Guess the Book post, I’ll pick the first person with the highest score as the winner.

Without further ado, here are the images!


HINT: What is the guy doing?


HINT: Who is that weird hooded dude?

HINT #2: No, this is not incest. I’m just not variant in my shirt color types. Stop criticizing me. I can feel your judgey eyes *side glance*


HINT: Ooh rainbows! Pretty!

HINT #2: I honestly don’t know why she’s in that position. The position of her body is the least relevant information.


HINT: This scene is shown on the back dust cover of the hardcover edition of this book.


HINT: I literally wrote the title in the picture.

HINT #2: The book isn’t called Oops! if that’s what you’re wondering.

much love, vicky

I hope you were mildly entertained by this blog post! Don’t forget to post your guesses in the contact form below (if you write it in the comments it might help someone else, so use the form please!).


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