5 Ways to Read More (with GIFs!)

1. Read using multiple formats.

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This is probably the most commonly parroted recommendations, but reading in multiple formats will really help you work through novels faster.

Sometimes it’s not practical to carry around a hardbound book wherever you go; you don’t want to accidentally cause damage to the book, do you? (There’s only one correct answer. Choose wisely.)

Which is why it’s helpful to use multiple formats. E-books for your phone are good for impromptu reading, e-books on an e-reader are good for when you’re on vacation but want a better screen or when you want to take good sized text on the go, and hardcovers/paperbacks when you’re at home binge-reading.

Sometimes, I take it a step further (I know I’m crazy) and have specific books for times of the day. So I have my breakfast/dinner book that I slowly work through for 1.5 hours a day, my spontaneous phone book, and my nighttime binge read book. Technically, I could merge the binge read book with the mealtime book, but I like my mealtime book because it gives me breaks in genres.

Do whatever works best for you that can help you read more. You don’t want to be stuck in one of those moments where you just wish you had a book to keep you company.

2. Set aside time to read.

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This is probably the most difficult, but setting aside time to read is one of the most helpful. I find that I get through novels a lot quicker when I binge read versus when I don’t.

Whether it’s one hour a week or one hour a day, dedicating time to read will really help.

It doesn’t always have to be at the same time each week; you get to decide when you want to spend some time to finish a book. It could be a few hours Sunday morning one week or a couple hours Friday night another (both of these examples are me because the word social isn’t in my vocabulary).

I try to read from 10-11 pm every night (actual thinking past 10 pm is a no-go for me because by that point everything I do is mumbo jumbo) and spend a few hours reading on the weekend.

3. Frequent your library.

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One of the biggest reasons I found that I wasn’t reading was because none of the books I had on hand interested me.

I’d stare at the stacks of books on my shelf and then look back at Twitter on my laptop and then opt for Twitter because I didn’t really want to read the books on my shelf. Not as much as I wanted to see cute cat GIFs, at least.

Through frequenting the library, you can consistently find new reading material so you won’t be stuck looking at the same pile of books and choosing cat GIFs over books. Though who would blame you?

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(Or you could combine both like my friend Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch 😉)

4. Read multiple books at once.

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Read multiple books at once goes hand in hand with #1, although I don’t recommend you follow Sheldon’s example as putting a book over a book will prevent you from reading one of the books.

By reading books of different genres (contemporary one day and sci fi the next!), you can keep yourself from getting bored of plot lines as a lot of tropes tend to be centered in their own genre.

Not getting bored = spending more time reading = more books are read.

5. Participate in a reading challenge.

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This is the piece of advice that works the best for me because I am a very, very competitive person. Participating in a reading challenge gives me the push I need to increase my reading speed. There’s no procrastination involved as I like to complete things to the fullest extent (I rarely DNF books) and am motivated to finish a reading challenge to the best of my ability.

Whether it’s one book a day or one book a week, reading challenges are a great motivator for conquering your TBR, reading more, and possibly venturing into new genres.

Naturally, there are downsides to reading challenges. Some people get pressured by the idea of finishing a challenge when they have 2,348,429 other things to do, so it’s good to think about what works for you.

The main reason why I don’t read is because I spend too much time on Twitter & aimlessly looking through Goodreads. If your reason for not reading is that you’re taking 5 AP classes (also me. I just ignore any school-related stress.), then you might want to reconsider your schedule & if you can participate in a challenge.


What methods do you use to read more? I hope this post proved helpful to all of you trying to increase your reading rates! Feel free to leave messages below!

much love, vicky

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