Cover Geek #3: Fifteen Fantastic Fonts on Book Covers

As an avid appreciator of fonts, being exposed to so many different type of fonts on book covers is like heaven to me (besides the fact that they’re all books!)

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite fonts on book covers (in no particular order!

A Step Towards Falling by Cammie McGovern

Image result for a step towards falling

This is probably the least flashy cover I selected for the top 15, and it’s been one of my favorite for years. This was one of the books I read when I first started YA, and I was brought in by its pretty cover.

I’ve imitated all the fonts present on the cover in multiple posters, greeting cards, etc. and it’s a timeless set of fonts that work so well together.

This cover is one of my all time favorites, especially with that delicious (yes, delicious) papery texture. The covers, despite being more muted, all work really well together and coexist with the fonts to make this a lovely masterpiece to grace the cover of this great novel.

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Image result for ever the hunted

I literally have no idea what this book is actually about (maybe something/one is being hunted?) but the font is just SO PRETTY! Have you seen that ‘E’? It swoops and curves and all the letters fit together into this glorious mash of pretty typography.

I think I’m in love.

There are so many things I’m fangirling about in the typography, the way it plays with positive and negative in the ‘the’ and the scrolls on the letters and even the dove on the ‘d.’

The gold coloring of the text was a wise decision on a cover of mostly white because it really makes the stunning font stand out and I think this is another example of how the cover and text work wonderfully together!

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Image result for starfish akemi dawn

Now, in all honesty, the font isn’t that spectacular. There’s a large chance it’s not hand done or even a pay-to-use font and if I tried I could probably find it online.

But the wow factor is way up and I might as well go and support a debut author & promote a 2017 novel I want to read, eh?

I think a large part of why I chose this example as one of my favorite fonts was because it just pops out at you. It’s how the font works together with the rest of the cover that really makes it beautiful.

Whoever designed this cover was a genius because the brushy texture of the font works really well with the pencil-sketch look of the illustrations.

This is definitely one of my favorite examples of a more minimal cover that just works (and I’m also really excited for it to come out!)

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

Image result for wink poppy midnight

Okay, is this one of the coolest serif font covers, or is it the coolest?

It’s definitely the coolest.

I love the angles and that sharp, angular look that makes me hear the work ‘wink!’ really sharply. When I read the title, there’s always an emphasis on ‘wink!’ since it’s got this inherent exclamation point at the end.

The font looks lovely on this cover, not just with those cute graphics, but just in the way that they manipulated the letters and twisted things around looks really, really cool.


This Savage Song by Victoria E. Schwab

Image result for this savage song

I love the typography! It’s just so beautiful and full & very musical looking (as in the S’s are very treble-cleft round).

And the texture & shading of the letters is just *swoons*

Do not worry–I have smelling salts on hand.

But, honestly, the texture of the letters is just gorgeous & the title fits together so nicely. This looks like original typography to me (see the 2 a’s and the s’s and the swashes) and whoever did the typography (and that of the sequel!) is now my new typography role model.

Just gorgeous.

Who’s That Girl by Blair Thornburgh

Image result for who's that girl blair thornburgh

This is one of the most unique on the list and the typography is all original which makes it ten times cooler! The first thing that caught my eye was all the cool text and how it worked with the girl’s face.

It’s a much more shocking effect when the title is on her face rather than somewhere else, and it’s all clearly legible (it’s so easy to mess up writing words in a specific shape, I know from experience).

The grungy texture is also really cute, but just the way that the artist configured the title into the proper shape (and the dip in the middle of girl) is stunning. This is a book I intend to buy just from the cover (I gave it 3.5 stars, review will be posted soon!).

A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

Image result for a thousand nights ek johnston

(It’s so disappointing I couldn’t find a higher quality image of the cover).

I am still so amazed by this cover–every time I look at it, I trace the letters (especially that cross in the ‘t’) and look at how they interweave.

Genius, really.

The photos online do the physical cover no justice; it’s more purple and is vibrant and the lettering is in that metallic material and makes it even more gorgeous.

The fonts work really well together (what they used for the author & title) and the little additional quotes that fill in the gaps of the title are just so creative and very relevant after you read the novel.

This book cover is just gorgeous (I’m running out of adjectives as you can see) and its sequel, Spindle, is equally as pretty (it’s got a sunset-y background with silver text).

You can also check out my book review of A Thousand Nights!

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Image result for caraval by stephanie garber

I bought this book full price (my wallet is crying) from Barnes and Noble before my three hour flight home and spent around 30 minutes of said flight staring at the cover (and the other 2 hrs binge reading & eating peanuts).

Besides being more devourable than the airplane peanuts, this book was so magical that staring at the cover was 1/5 of my time with this book (do the math, 30+30+30+30+30).

Even though the serif font is honestly pretty basic, the way it swirls with the starburst on the cover is seriously on point. And there’s a UV coating on the white which makes it really fun to trace with your fingers.

I just find the swashes on the letters enrapturing because they really give the font movement and direction, making your eyes move from one place to another. It directs your attention in the way they want it to go, which is a job well done.

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Image result for the beginning of everything robyn schneider

Maybe it’s because blue and yellow is my favorite color combo, or maybe because of that bouncy font, but I love looking at this cover (it helps the yellow section of my shelf!).

The text is super cute (look at all the different N’s and E’s!) and it’s so varied and pretty. It works really well with the novel, and is a common theme through Schneider’s books.

Her second novel, Extraordinary Means, has a similar cover in mint and black which is equally as gorgeous.

The way the script is combined with the handwritten looking font is absolutely genius!

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Image result for passenger alexandra bracken

This photo does the text no justice because it’s embossed and has a silver shine in person. It’s very pretty and works beautifully with that blue scheme.

One of the best parts of this title is how the text has a varied thickness in some places and intentional thinness in other. It’s somewhat simple, but looks very pretty with the black to blue to white ombre.

The Color Project by Sierra Abrams

Image result for the color project sierra abrams

This cover looks super pretty on my screen–I’ve never seen it in person, but the crinkly gold is very easy on the eyes, especially with those cute curls on the ends of the letters.

Navy and gold is a variation of that blue and yellow color combo that I love, and I think this cover puts a lot of focus.

However, it doesn’t really tell us much about the plot which I think is its major downfall.

Nonetheless, pretty text, right?

The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

Image result for the edge of everything

Brush fonts are always cool, and this is no exception.

The way the font is 3D is amazing, but how they tilted it so the top is higher than the bottom is just 😱

This urban fantasy/paranormal novel takes place in Montana and a large factor in the novel is the snow. So it’s a very big “Whoa!” moment when you look back at the cover after reading the novel and realize that the font is ‘made’ of snow.

Also they just picked a really cute brush font and I love it 😍

Olivia Twist

Image result for olivia twist

I’m such a fan of old-timey looking font so I had to include one on this list. This novel releases in 2018 and I’m so excited for it because a twist on Dickens? Heck yeah!

The tiny embellishments on the sides and edges of the letter are SO CUTE and I love the textured ombre paper-y look the letters have.

The beveling is also very on point and all of the letters are coherent in the sense that they match. What a pretty font!

Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

Image result for stitching snow by rc lewis

I just find this cover so cool! The way the text weaves into the background like it’s a part of all the tech-y stuff is just wow.

The image doesn’t do the real cover any justice as the real cover has all sorts of cool beveling and UV coating and such.

And the cover to the spinoff, Spinning Starlight, is of the same design and just as awesome.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Image result for of fire and stars audrey coulthurst

This is probably my favorite font-based cover of all time. It works really well with the texture, papery designs of the cover, and the gold 3D effect looks classy not crappy.

The curls of the letters and the swashes and how everything fits together is just so perfect! I can stare at this cover for days–longer than I would watching paint dry.

The shading on the gold is amazing and I am just so in awe of this cover that I’m rendered speechless almost every time. (I had to muster up some words to write these paragraphs).


There are so many other covers with fantastic fonts on them, but for the sake of alliterations, I had to pick either fifteen of forty examples. I don’t think you want to load forty covers and scroll through them all in one sitting, which is why we’ll save them for another round (hmm…Thirteen Terrific Typography Examples on Book Covers?).

I hope you enjoyed all the eye candy in this post (who needs abs when you can get book covers?) and what are some of your favorite type-based book covers, YA and non? I need more images to drool over! Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Cover Geek #3: Fifteen Fantastic Fonts on Book Covers

  1. AHHH I HAVE SO MUCH APPRECIATION FOR THESE COVERS. I love your picks! And omg This Savage Song has got to be one of my favourites. 😍 And I didn’t like Ever The Hunted or Of Fire And Stars but those fonnnnnts. Perfection. Also Wink Poppy Midnight is just an all round fantastic cover?! I don’t even know how it is so gorgeous omg.😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. right?! I could look at these covers all day, gah! I haven’t read some of these but I’m very excited to read This Savage Song!!


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